Learn to play banjo in the Scruggs three-finger style with this Book/DVD package. This set starts with the basics and progresses to mastering “Tom Dooley” and “Banks of the Ohio.” Full tablature and two hours of video instruction including 38 jam tracks.

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Beginning Banjo Package on DVD by Geoff Hohwald is a Book/DVD set for the beginner who wants to learn how to play the banjo in the Scruggs three finger style. This course features the same material as our six lesson Beginning Banjo Package but in the form of a DVD disc and book. Starting with the basics, we’ll cover tuning, setup, finger picks, right and left hand technique, and basic rolls. We’ll then move on to learning beginner chords in open and up the neck positions. Next, we’ll use those chords to play the bluegrass songs Tom Dooley and Banks of the Ohio and practice them along with rhythm tracks. The Forward Roll Sessions are designed to dramatically improve your right hand speed and accuracy. Practicing along with rhythm tracks that gradually increase in speed will allow you to seamlessly progress towards playing at a performance tempo. The book includes all of the tablature and the DVD features nearly two hours of video instruction and 38 jam tracks.