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This is ideal for students living within an hour or so from Geoff that cannot take lessons each week. Two hours gives time for the student to practice techniques and songs with Geoff to help internalize the information.

Geoff has a large library of tracks done by such notables as Curtis Jones and David Peterson of 1946 that can be given to the student to practice at home. In addition this gives time to shoot videos of important things taught during the lesson.

Students can also learn to work with multitrack recorders that let them record themselves in a similar manner of professional musicians in the studio.

$125 for 2 hours $75 for 1 hour


This is designed for students and banjo players that do not live close by and may be in the Atlanta area because they are passing through or are here on business. Geoff has a location near the Airport which is a 7 minute cab ride from the airport. Some students fly in during the morning, take a 5 hour session and return home that evening. Others within a few hours driving to Atlanta can leave their home in the morning and be back at night. Geoff will provide a professional banjo for use so the student does not have to take his on the plane. Covers the same material as in the 2 hour session in more depth.

This session can start as early as 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (Noon) 6 hours including one hour for lunch.

$350 for 1 Day or 2 Day Session $600


Geoff does a thorough analysis of each student. He can quickly identify small details that are causing his students to have big problems and then suggest exercises that will correct the problem.

Geoff has developed countless hours of instructional video, workbooks, and play along tracks. Students have access to these materials for free or at almost no cost.

Geoff's studio is equipped with the technology to quickly produce high quality video tutorials. He can customize a video just for you to help you improve specific techniques.

Geoff has dedicated his career to helping people just like you learn how to play the banjo. For over 40 years he has been teaching and producing high quality training resources.

“Highly recommend his teaching if you want to improve your banjo playing…”

Last week’s 5 hour lesson with Geoff, was productive where we played the entire time which was a major improvement over the recent banjo Camp I attended which, on the first day, was lecture based listening to banjo stories and where we rarely played our banjo.

I look forward to continue working with Geoff during my travels to Georgia.

Highly recommend his teaching if you want to improve your banjo playing with others as he is very good at playing along with either his mandolin, guitar, or bass……

Rob S.

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